Friday, 31 July 2009

Free design - RIP?

While I was walking home last Saturday this sign in a derelict yard caught my eye, so I took this picture . I don't know the history of this business but it got me wondering is this the price businesses ultimately pay when they offer 'free design' and 'competitive prices'? I believe people value what they pay for and if you don't put a value on it why should they? Of course they're are times when it may be appropriate to offer to prove a concept or 'use a sprat to catch a mackerel' but free designs and cheap prices sounds unsustainable to me.

As Seth Godin says on his blog on eBook design and motion graphics

If it's worth doing, it's probably worth paying to do it very well...spend the money to do it right.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Collaborative Production?

I'm wondering about practical ways freelancers and the self/employed can collaborate, co-operate and share resources both practically and virtually. The demand for lean, mean flexible teams is even greater in a recession. So when logistics and personal situations/ambitions may separate us, how can we engender a collective spirit? How can we work towards a common commercial goal, make a profit, and remain friendly and professional enough to want to do it all over again - sometimes years later? An obvious example is in the film & tv industry where freelancers do this all the time. They are usually co-ordinated by a production manger, how does this translate to an increasingly digital domain where creatives and technicians often have their own client relationships to manage and protect? I have my own experiences drawn from both environments and I am interested in sharing them with you and hearing yours...